5 Ways You Can Survive with Free Blogging Platform

Free blogging platform. Most professional bloggers don’t use it. But yet, many amateur bloggers are achieving steady success with it. It looks like that if you do it right, free blogging platform can help you make money blogging, although perhaps not as fantastic as self-hosted blogging platform. Here are 5 ways you can survive with free blogging platform:

Free Blogging Platform

1. Be like professionals

In order to achieve good result with free blogging platform, you have to make your blog looks like professional blog. There are many themes you can use to enhance the look of your blog. Make sure to choose the theme that makes your blog look more professional. This will of course enhance user experience and they will tend to stay longer in your blog and trust your blog more.

2. Become a content frenzy

If you look at many successful free blogs out there, do you know what kind of trait they possess? There is one obvious thing that they have—they are content frenzy. It means that they are updating their content frequently. In fact, they always come with new tips every day. Some of them update their content three times per day, some five times per day. But, that’s what you can do to make your blog more attractive, especially if you’re using free platform.

3. Make it filled with tips

No, don’t tell your personal journey or something other than tips in your free blog. Why? Free blogs are quick stops for people looking for tips. So, what you need to do is to feed your blog with tips, tips, and tips. Each time you post, you post about tips. Most of your blog posts will be list posts. And that’s good. You have to make your free blog fantastic with tips.

4. Be passionate in link building

If you are using free platform on your blog, remember this. You have to make sure to be crazy about link building, just like you’re crazy with your content. Surely, content will help you to rank in the search engine, but content alone won’t make you attract lots of traffic to your blog. You need links, and more links. Since you have a free blog, you have to actively doing link building, otherwise people won’t recognize your blog.

5. Use a top-level domain name

And don’t forget to make your blog URL stand-alone. You don’t want to leave a trace of free blogging platform by using their subdomain. You must at least use your own domain name to improve your blog quality and reputation. By using a top-level domain name, you are free of any bad prejudice by people that are skeptical about free blogs in general.

So, those are 5 ways you can use to survive with free blogging platform. If you want to make money from your free blog, you should make sure to follow the tips above. Also, if you have low budget right now, but you want to make money with blogging, those tips will also be useful for you.