The Best Android Launcher Applications

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A really great thing about using the Android operating system is the fact that it provides anyone the chance to customize most of its features. Therefore, any user can customize its system in order to perfectly respond to his or her specific needs and demands. Unlike Android, most operating systems ensure little room for customization and this is one of the reasons why, many people prefer Android instead of other platforms.

Android Launcher Applications

Also known as launchers, the Android home screens allow people to customize the look of their screens. And a truly great thing is the fact that anyone has the possibility of customizing his or her homescreen without using any tricks and tips. The only thing that a person must do is to download an Android launcher application, which allows him or her to obtain specific results.

The Best Android Launcher Applications That Anyone Should Consider

Is you are searching for best possible launcher applications for Android, you must know that the developer offers a few top products, such as:

LauncherPro: This application is one of the best products that you can find on the markets these days. The LauncherPro comes along with special functions that allow different users to customize almost every single aspect of it. As soon as a user downloads the application, the homescreen layout pops up. It comes equipped with three additional screens and different default icons and widgets. Unlike some other default launchers, the LauncherPro delivers five different icon spots that you can customize with different pop-ups, actions, icons and other functions. Furthermore, these icons can be utilized as shortcuts for your favorite applications, which you can access directly from the screen.

By swiping the shortcut bars, you are able to discover that the LauncherPro allows you to setup 15 favorite applications in total. Moreover, the LauncherPro permits you to change the transition effects between different screens and even the number of your home screens. You can also customize the grid for each screen and take advantage of various features, such as smooth and elastic scrolling, animations, 3D capabilities, and many others. The most important reason why most people opt for this application is simply because it does not disappoint its users.

LauncherPro Plus: This application is actually the full version of the LauncherPro. It comes along with additional features, including the ability of re-sizing the widgets. However, besides this thing, the most important advantage of getting this version is the fact that it enhances the functionality of this application and implicit, of the device which sports the application. Furthermore, the LauncherPro Plus comes with a complete list of widgets that includes Friends, Facebook, Twitter, Messaging, Calendar, Bookmarks and People. All these deliver multiple styles, from which you can choose your favorite. And even though the LauncherPro is free, you should know that the LauncherPro Plus comes with a price tag of $2.99.

ADW.Launcher: Although many Android users prefer the LauncherPro, the ADW.Launcher is another great choice. This application highlights features and settings that are almost identical to the LauncherPro launcher. However, it is essential to know that besides the features of the LauncherPro, the ADW.Launcher additionally provides some other capabilities, such as dragging and dropping various items on the screen. This function is very useful especially if you have a large number of operations that you must complete or a vast number of items on the screen. Additionally, this application allows you to choose different settings for the features that are set as default in the LauncherPro. And if you intend to get the ADW.Launcher, you must be aware of the fact that this application is powerful and solid enough, representing a great solution that delivers different customizable options, fast response times and smooth scrolling capabilities.

A Few Conclusions

The truth is that you can find many other launcher applications for Android, including the Go Launcher Ex, SlideScreen and ADWLauncher EX but to install most of them, you must have rooted your smartphone. But, no matter what you choose, you can be sure of the fact that any of these applications give you the chance to move on from a boring home screen to a great launcher. Therefore, you can go ahead and try different available alternatives until you find the best Android launcher for you.

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