Things E-commerce Analytics Tell You About Your Customers

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Nowadays there are many new E-commerce websites launches day after day. But most of them are not succeed in the business because they don’t know how to promote their business online and reach the right audience.

There are many things to notice in the e-commerce business. First of all you to create a good e-commerce website. Approach the best ecommerce web development company Bangalore to design customer and search engine friendly e-commerce website.

Google Analytics is the free analytics tool from Google which helps you know customer activities, source, and medium of customers and more. If you want to become succeed in e-commerce business, you should know how to use google analytics.

Total number of Visitors visiting your site

One of the most important parameters which you can look in google analytics is page views and users, unique visitors. This helps you to know how many visitors are visiting your website in a day or month and an average number of page views your visitors are visiting.

Compare your website current month visitors count and previous month. This gives you an idea of how much traffic you are getting and where they are from.

Organic Traffic from Search engines

Google analytics divided traffic into four different categories. (ie) organic, referral, direct and social. Organic is the term traffic from search engines like google, yahoo, and Bing. For an e-commerce website, organic traffic is more important than Paid advertisement. You can monitor this from Acquisition Overview>>Organic .

You must familiar with all these things in google analytics. If you need more help approach software development company in Bangalore to develop software to monitor all these things easily.