Important Concept In Clash Royale

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You should understand about the strategy of the Clash of Royale games. At very first you have to download clash royale apk. Probably you can know the instructions and the playing tips of the Clash Royale. So, you will be a better player compared to your opponent.

Important Concept in Clash Royale

Here you can know about the Elixir in the Clash Royale game.

The main advantage is the players can have the same number of elixirs while playing the game. Destroy the towers is not an easy task. But the card of the players may be the break and killing each other.

Determine the perfect time to destroy the tower, when it is not protecting. One most accessible way to trap the tower, actuality is to steal that. Whenever you kill the elixir cards which is to be high, then you can automatically get the low elixir cards that the opponent cannot be able to protect themselves again.

Rules of the Elixir

  • Always don’t lose the Elixir, and should not be in 10 Elixir.
  • Then it will take only the 5 Elixir dissimilarity for getting the victory, and the lose the game.
  • Know about the cards Reactive and Proactive. Then target them to be positive trades.
  • From the Elixir positive trades, you can have the free points. By using the free points try to win in the Clash Royale game.

Proactive Cards

  • Skeleton Army: In the Clash Royale game, the counters will kill the Skeleton army. So, there may be the chance to lost 4 Elixir. It is too bad for the game.
  • Minions Proactively: By using the minions, you can make the dies in the tower but cannot be able to damage.
  • Good Proactives: Baby Dragon, Giant, Knight, Skeleton Giant. The baby dragon also does the damage over 400.

Reactive Cards

  • There are some reactive cards like Minion Swarm, Prince, Hog Rider and the Balloon.
  • You can’t play the reactive cards until playing their counters first.
  • If you continuously create the poor trades, you will kill your Tower on your side.
  • How To Make Good Trades
  • Most of the players are trying to defend their towers. It is the first mistake, all players to do.
  • The big boys are guards to themselves in the fight.
  • When we come to the Elixir, it is the main character of the game Clash Royale. Then the health of the tower and the time of the game should be considered while playing the game. But you can’t judge the cost of Elixir.

The given details given here will help you to know about the advantages of Elixir in the Clash Royale game.

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